A Murder Of


I apologise now to all the fans and any wandering visitors, the comic has failed to upload, as you'll have all noticed, this month and, unfortunately, will fail to upload forever.
No, Rabbie and myself haven't gotten bored with the project, I very much want to see A Murder Of finished, as did Rabbie, but theres just one teeny tiny itty bitty problem.
The comic is gone.
My hardrive went kapoot on me a few weeks ago and, despite valient efforts from people-who-know-things-about-computers, all the information was lost on it and I had to go buy a new hard drive.
So, the question you might be asking is, what is so important that I lost? How about over a hundred hours of script typing - the hard copy having been destroyed by general wear and tear and travel. All the imagery used. All the fonts, noted, bubbles, previously prepared and half prepared pages. The very basics needed to scan in a page!
And thats not mentioning my uni essays, CV's, anime, comics, manga...
Anyhow, the pages on the site will be up for a bit longer (probably a month or so to let everyone read this) and the site itself will be emptied and deleted, all links to it removed, nuked and annihalated.
I'm acyually really sad to see this project go, I was enjoying the making of it more than I did Canis Lupus, which is mildly worrying. Hopefully a new preoject will be started, but first I have to write one, as all my back up scripts and stories and ideas and those odd little notions i get in my head occasionally, where on my hard drive and now lost.
Technology is brilliant when it works, and sucks when it doesn't.
If anyone wants to drop us a line with any thoughts, questions, queries, do so, might be a while before i reply as i still have no internet...

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